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Safety Performer Features:

• Daily Compass updates
• Automated email notification of
  new inspections and crashes
• Customizable/Automated review
• Preventable accident integration
• Risk indicator

Safety Performer Product Sheet

Safety Performer

Safety Performer is TPI's solution for your Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) needs. We go beyond the typical scorecard product by integrating your driver data and providing robust workflow and driver review processes that you can customize.

Manage only your active drivers and view them according to your hierarchy. Our review process enables detailed action plans and proactive behavior management.

FMCSA posted inspections and crashes are updated daily. Emails are sent to the appropriate driver supervisor alerting them that new activity exists and that a review is due.

Preventable accident integration is also available, allowing you see a complete risk profile for the driver and only factor in the accidents/incidents that you consider preventable.

Risk indicators flag drivers with crash and violation behavior that indicate a possible warning and may need immediate counseling.

Contact us and start managing change instead of monitoring a scorecard.

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