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Fuel Performer Features:

• Intelligent peer grouping
 to compare like equipment & drivers
• Calculate MPG based on
 purchased or burned gallons
• Customer FSC recovery
 compared to expected
• Equipment MPG analytics

Fuel Performer

Fuel Performer is the engine driving the fuel metrics in Driver Performer. Using TPI’s intelligent peer grouping based on type of work, equipment, and type of driver we are able to calculate accurate fuel standards that drivers can be measured against.

TPI monitors out of route miles with accurate mileage cutoffs even if your ECM data is extracted on a scheduled basis. We also measure metrics such as moving MPG and Idle time using like equipment to get a clear picture if the driver behavior is in line with the expected standard.

View fuel surcharge recovery for your customer base using your company standard fuel program while factoring in things such as empty miles and weight.

Evaluate your equipment fleet’s MPG by various factors such as make, model, engine type, and year. Also break down the data further into odometer mileage bands.

Measure drivers using purchased gallons or ECM gallons burned, giving you the flexibility to see

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