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PSP Performer Features:

• Score and rank a PSP
  against your active fleet
• CSMS or DSMS methodology
• Generate a scored report
  in seconds
• Custom settings for each
  basic and specific violations

PSP Performer Product Sheet

PSP Performer

PSP Performer let’s you evaluate a potential new hire against your active fleet of drivers. In seconds you will receive a detailed report with a “pass” or “further review” recommendation.

Customizable settings enable you to score based on one or more Basic rankings in your fleet or point thresholds. Score using the CSMS or DSMS methodology. Set individual violation codes that will trigger a “further review” decision with an expiration period.

Make sense of the PSP reports you are getting and score the driver against your fleet to realize the impact of their behavior on your future CSA scores.

Contact us and see how PSP Performer when paired with CSA Performer can help you manage this process.

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